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A day in the life of a locksmith

10/28/2013 Back To Blog

A locksmith’s job description has evolved over the years. Now it’s more than just cutting and duplicating keys, picking locks or unlocking old, rusty door locks. Now they need to know the latest technology as new locks are introduced in the market constantly. Further rekeying cars is a different niche altogether and requires a certain degree of skill and expertise. In order to keep up with the constantly changing lock and key trends, a locksmith should ideally know the following –

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  • The traditional lock and key has made way to complex access systems that use card readers and keypad locks. Being familiar with card and intercom systems, electronic security and automatic door closers is an added advantage.
  • Most of them can easily replace a lost car key or create a new one. However, latest car models have relatively complex locking mechanisms and programming the chip can be complicated. It certainly helps to know on-board programming procedures and other diagnostic tools. Other top models require complex key programming techniques to reset the car’s engine control unit.
  • In a new building or home, the most important job is to install locks of all types that include lever, knob types and the dead bolt among others, and do it correctly to ensure that no break-ins happen in the future. Further key duplication is a basic skill that can be easily done using a duplicator.
  • Motorcycle keys are different altogether and unlike cars, they have no codes and in case of loss or damage, the only way out is to replace all the locks. So it’s best to keep a set of spare keys at home or with a trusted friend.
  • Locksmiths also help in unlocking safes and converting a dial to an electronic keypad. This ensures that all important documents and expensive jewelry stay secure.
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Blog | A day in the life of a locksmith