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What do you want to know about locksmith services? Go over this collection of answers to frequently asked questions. Get the information you want about locks and how to deal with problems related to keys. Answers simply put, so that they can be understood by everyone.

What to look at when shopping for simple locks in a home center?

Understandably, not all lock needs would require state of the art locks. The standard padlock would work and of course, the best way to acquire one is through a trip to a home center. One must know though that standard lock and key sets are mass produced by manufacturers and are usually set to low standards.

Can you explain what a mortice deadlock is?

The term "mortice" simply means that the lock is situated within the door material. This mortice refers to a hole which is rectangle in shape, into which a lock is fastened. Per the information shared by the experts at Locksmith Pacoima , an alternative to be done is screwing the lock to the face of the door.

Why must back doors be secured, too?

Who said that intruders come in through front doors only? They will certainly search the weakest points of their targeted house and act accordingly. Our specialists in Pacoima would recommend deadbolt installation for your back door, too. Give equal attention to the security of this door and reinforce the lighting in the back yard.

How does weather affect locks?

The most important concern for our technicians is basic security functionality. That means that things like rust are a priority. In fact inclement weather can deteriorate the functionality of lock springs. It will also make the tumblers dirty and difficult to handle during general maintenance.

How safe are conventional locks when compared to electric locks?

Experts over at Locksmith Pacoima can tell you now that these comparisons will likely disappoint those who are aiming to get electric locks because when it all boils down to it, conventional locks can be just as safe. As a matter of fact you can simply add more and more locks in order to keep your home secure.

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